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Dragons Hearth - Soothing & Warm

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💜 Indulge in the enchanting world of DraFay with our perfectly sized .5 oz wax melts.

💜 Each petite package holds a half-ounce of pure aromatic
magic, carefully curated for your sensory delight.

💜 Unwrap the joy of individual scents and embark on a fragrant journey like no other!

💜 Unveil the magic with our 2.5 oz wax melts.

💜 Each resealable clam-shell package has these six break-apart cubes in the same scent, so you can
indulgence in the fragrance you love again and again!

💜 It's the ultimate treat for those beloved fragrances you can't get enough of!

Revel in this intoxicating fragrance. As your wax gently melts, you’ll enjoy the luscious scents of blackcurrants and blackberries balanced against base notes of licorice-laced anise and warm amber.

The seductive fragrances of patchouli cedarwood add a grounding, earthen element while enhancing the intensity of the dark fruit notes.

This is an excellent fragrance to release for relaxation or meditation.

*Each wax melt is handcrafted. Color and shape may vary.