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About DraFay

About Us:
Welcome to DraFay, a place for dreamers, believers, and the fantastic! Our world is full of possibility, where magic is real, imaginations are vivid, and fantasy is all around.

This is DraFay:
I founded DraFay in 2020 in the cozy corners of my picturesque home nestled away in Kyle, Texas. I offer exceptionally crafted products that delight the senses and ignite the imagination. I am passionate about providing a truly unique experience for everyone.

Our Passion:
DraFay is passionate about providing a truly unique experience for our very exclusive community of creatives and dreamers. We do this by carefully cultivating and expertly crafting products that perfectly complement a life filled with wonder and possibility.  

We believe:
At DraFay, the mind is a powerful land where any seed of possibility can take root and fantasy lives in our everyday lives if we allow it. I embrace the sweet surrender of wildly uninhibited imagination, whether doing my daily housework, taking a walk, playing with my children, or working at my job.

About the creator:
As a fantasy lover growing up, I was always found with my nose in a book and my head in the clouds. While my adult life includes climbing the corporate ladder, being a mom, and being a functional adult, my mind has always remained in the magical world of unlimited possibility.

DraFay, a name born out of my love for dragons and fay, began as a lovely way to reconnect with my passion for the fantastical and build a community of dreamers by providing unique wax melts.

What makes DraFay even more remarkable is the value of family. DraFay is a family-owned and operated business, young daughter works by my side, making, packaging, shipping, and selling our wax melts at vendor events. I am teaching her the importance of hard work, customer service, and the entrepreneurial spirit by including her in the business.